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Honda ATV FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Honda ATVS

What does ATV stand for?

All Terrain Vehicles (ATV). Honda design and manufacturer specifically for off-road use only.

What types of ATV does Honda produce?

We currently have three variations to the ATV. The utility, leisure and sports versions.

Is there a minimum age limit to ride ATVS?

Yes. You need to be 12 for a Sports TRX90. All of our other products carry a minimum rider age of 16. For all safety information refer to your ATV, the owners manuals and our ATV site regarding the ride right campaign.

What are the top speeds for your ATVs?

Honda does not publish any top speeds for its ATV's. Our ATV's are designed for off-road use and therefore depending on conditions and ground type the ATV could experience many variations and they will react differently to each one. We do not believe that straight line speed is a necessary requirement and this is why Honda engineers have applied specific technology to our products.

Does Honda(UK) have the power figures in BHP for ATVs?

No. We do not publish any figures relating to BHP figures for our range of ATV's. There is not an industry standard for measuring the BHP of ATV's. It would be up to each manufacturer to decide which was the correct way to measure these figures, therefore the figures would not be consistent from one manufacturer to another.

We also do not provide BHP figures because it gives the end user the information to register the ATV as a Quadricycle (SVA approved). Honda (UK) does not endorse the use of Honda ATV's on the road for any reason apart from "Light Agricultural Vehicle" category of road registered use.

Quadricycle certification is undertaken by individuals at their own risk and to criteria laid down by VOSA and each modification requires individual power certification and testing by an SVA testing centre. The original manufacturer BHP statistics are therefore irrelevant for this registration process.

What is the process for making my ATV road legal?

When you purchase a new ATV the supplying dealer will issue a V55. If the ATV is used or a second hand purchase and they require an age related document they should contact their nearest Honda authorised dealer who will assist in obtaining a proof of age certificate. In all cases a road legal kit MUST be fitted. Only UTILITY machines may be registered as agricultural motor vehicles (Agricultural, Horticultural or Foresty use). Honda has produced some guidance notes, these are available from all Honda authorised ATV dealers. It is not possible to register Sport ATV's.

Will Honda be introducing a Diesel powered ATV?

No. Currently there are no plans to introduce a diesel powered ATV.