Honda All Terran Vehicle (ATV) range, including ATVs for Light Work, Utility Work, Heavy Duty Work and Leisure.

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Honda Light Work ATVs

Light Work

Featuring 230cc 2 wheel-drive ATVs that are ideal for light work. Choose between manual and electric shift.
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Honda Utility Work ATVs

Utility Work

Featuring 420cc 2 wheel-drive and 2/4 wheel-drive ATVS that are ideal for utility work. Choose between manual, electric shift or fully automatic.
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Honda Heavy Duty Work ATVs

Heavy Duty Work

Featuring 475cc 2/4 wheel-drive ATVS that can tackle heavy duty work. Choose between manual, electric shift or fully automatic.
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Honda Leisure ATVs


Featuring the 90cc Sportrax and the 675cc Rincon, our leisure range covers all bases.
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Honda ATV Information

Quality. Guaranteed

There's a simple reason why you'll see so many Honda products still hard at work after many years of service: Hondas are built better and last longer.

Honda's products are supported with the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Their warranties maintain the same value throughout the lifetime of the product, so the last day of the cover is exactly the same as the first one. Solid and dependable.

Choosing an ATV

Is four wheel drive important to you?

The type of terrain that you will be using the ATV on will determine how much traction you require, so selecting the correct type of drive train is a relatively easy decision to make. If you are using your ATV on mostly flat or only gently undulating ground, then the 2 wheel drive vehicles may be sufficient for your needs.

Translated to what is available in the Honda range your best option would be to use one of the Fourtax 250 or Fourtrax 420 2wd models.

If the land is steep, muddy or prone to flooding, then the 4 wheel drive models will give you the extra grip you need to perform more arduous tasks. Four wheel drive is available on the Fourtrax 420, Foreman 500 and Rincon models. Use our ATV Advisor tool to select the correct model.

What type of activities will you be performing?

This is probably the most important question to ask yourself when choosing an ATV. People use ATVs for a variety of tasks in a variety of environments, so it's important to make sure your ATV is capable of doing what you ask of it. Halfway up a mountain is not the right place to realise that your ATV will not be able to get you and your load home safely.

Where the ATV is not being used for demanding work, the Fourtrax 250 models are more than capable of helping bring the sheep in, or getting around the stable yard.

If you need to perform light to medium utility work, such as spraying or pulling a small trailer, then one of the Fourtrax range should be more than capable for most peoples needs. However if the work is more of a heavy duty nature, for example pulling larger loads on trailers, then the Foreman range would be more suited.

Do you require a bike for leisure use, or for getting around a large estate quickly? Then the Rincon's powerful engine and independent rear suspension will provide a quick and comfortable ride.

Which transmission do you prefer?

In picking the right ATV for you, the transmission depends on your own style of riding. The Honda range offers three different transmission types, manual (auto clutch), electric shift (ESP) or automatic. Manual shift gear changes are good if you want full control when tackling taking terrain. Based on technology originally designed in our racing cars, our electric shift (ESP) push button technology with automatic clutch gives you smooth and quick gear changes.

The automatic transmission systems used in our ATVs give you the feeling of seamless acceleration over any terrain.

Anything else?

Considering the size and experience of the person or people who will be riding the ATV cart the most is also helpful to think about before choosing an ATV. The size of their body and the strength they have should also be a consideration. Always make sure that you buy a model that is not too heavy or too big for the riders to handle safely.

Many bikes contain individual features and specifications that will suit one persons needs more than another. As one of Honda's Authorised Dealers we are trained to make sure you pick the right ATV for you.

Service and support

Honda appoint their dealers with as much care as they build their products. Every dealer follows an extensive training programme and attends regular refresher courses. That's why you can rely on our advice and product knowledge to help choose what's right for you.

We also make sure that Honda's Research and Development team are given feedback from customers, helping to develop products that continue to meet and exceed your expectations.

Regular servicing will ensure that your ATV stays in peak condition, giving you many years of pleasure. We have access to Honda's reliable 24 hour parts delivery system and have been fully trained to carry out professional, cost effective servicing.

A word on innovation from Honda

"For a long time, people thought that only 2-stroke engines could be used for compact products. As the world's number 1 engine manufacturer, that got us thinking. Why couldn't our 4-stroke technology work for compact products too?

Our 4-stroke engine offers cleaner exhaust gas emissions, better fuel economy and lower noise levels. Now you can find this technology innovation in everything from our cars to lawnmowers to generators to ATVs. We let nothing get in the way of a good idea. Our designers continually test the boundaries of science as well as their own imaginations. That's why our cars, motorcycles, ATVs, outboard engines and power equipment products are used the world over, consistently winning new awards, new accolades and new friends."