Honda 2023 Forza 125

POSTED: 18/01/2023


Forza 125

A brand-new front fairing gives the Forza 125 a new even more elegant and refined identity – with styling cues taken directly from the range-topping Forza 750. Led by the new chiselled dual LED headlights, the new front end brings the Forza 125 bang up to date. The redesigned instrument panel attractively mixes analogue and digital displays.

The style is refreshed, and the outstanding practicality remains. The electric screen adjusts through 180mm travel to maximise freedom or wind protection. A USB Type-C socket in the glovebox provides a handy charging point, Smart Key operation adds convenience and there’s room for two full-face helmets under the seat.

The sure-footed chassis is unchanged, as is the four-valve, water-cooled SOHC engine which employs Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) to maintain rear tyre grip.

Styling & Equipment

  • All new redesigned front fairing and headlights influenced by Forza 750 highlight the distinctive, elegant new look
  • New analogue/LCD dash
  • New Special Edition with unique detailing throughout
  • Electric screen adjusts through 180mm
  • Room for two full-face helmets under the seat; USB Type-C charging socket
  • Smart Key operation of ignition, seat, fuel cap cover and (optional) 45-litre top box
  • Emergency Stop Signal function (ESS) warns other road users of sudden braking

Newly sculpted for both style and aerodynamic efficiency – with design influence direct from the family flagship Forza 750 – the Forza 125’s elegant, refined front fairing creates an impression of energetic sportiness and premium desirability. The new headlights, inspired by those on the Forza 750 form a major part of the unmistakable Forza face, with clean and simple design lines underlining the premium appeal.

Handlebar width remains 750mm as does mirror height of 1125mm - the perfect dimensions for slipping through congested city streets. Seat height is set at 780mm; there’s plenty of room for two and the riding position cups the rider securely. All lighting is LED.

The electric screen (controlled by a switch on the left handlebar) adjusts through 180mm. It’s designed to provide wind protection, with airflow directed around and over the rider’s head, and reduce wind noise. Stability and comfort at higher speeds – and long distances – can be instantly exchanged for a greater sense of freedom around town, by lowering the screen. For comfort at higher speeds a larger front air duct manages negative pressure in front of the rider, reducing the natural effect of the wind pushing the rider back.

Two full-face helmets can be stored under the seat, and it’s also possible to partition the storage area to house a helmet and/or rain gear and A4-sized bags. The front left inner fairing pocket is lockable, and its internal space can be arranged for the rider’s convenience to hold a phone and water bottle, for instance, and also integrates a USB Type-C socket.

The Forza 125’s Smart Key – as well as controlling the main ignition switch knob and compartment locking – also manages the optional 45L Smart top box. With the Smart Key in the rider’s pocket the box is unlocked, and automatically locks when the rider walks away. It can also be locked from the key. To maintain the internal volume of the box the actuator mechanism is located in the rear body of the machine.

New redesigned instruments present analogue speedometer and rev-counter flanking a digital display that can switch between 3 modes: 1) odometer, range remaining and current mpg, 2) trip meter, average mpg and timer and 3) ambient temperature thermometer and battery sensor. 


  • 125cc engine produces 10.7kW peak power with 12.3Nm torque
  • The fuel-efficient unit uses Honda’s eSP technologies, plus Idling Stop
  • 7km/l gives range of nearly 500km between fill-ups
  • Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) increases rider confidence

The enhanced Smart Power (eSP) four-valve, water-cooled SOHC powerplant is unchanged and delivers 10.7kW @ 8,750rpm, with peak torque of 12.3Nm @ 6,500rpm. Bore and stroke is set at 53.5 x 55.5mm with compression ratio of 11.5:1.

From a standing start the Forza 125 accelerates rapidly (0-200m covered in just 13.3s) while sharp mid-range makes for responsive roll-on performance in the typical 40-60km/h around-town speed range. It will cruise happily around 90km/h and V-max is 108km/h.

Honda’s eSP low-friction technologies are found throughout the engine. A compact combustion chamber and PGM-FI fuel injection – fed by 4.7-litre airbox and 26mm diameter inlet duct – optimise combustion velocity and cooling performance. Clever packaging of items like the oil pump (which is built into the crankcase) help to further heighten the efficiency.

An offset cylinder reduces friction caused by contact between piston and bore, efficiently transmitting combustion energy to the crankshaft. A ‘spiny’ cast-iron sleeve – with tiny surface extensions – keeps in check any distortion of the inner bore diameter. This design lowers tension in the piston ring, reducing friction.

A high-efficiency radiator – integrated into the exterior of the right-side crankcase – employs a small, light fan that reduces frictional losses and lowers drag. Rolling resistance within the transmission unit is reduced by the use of three low-friction main bearings, all designed to deal with the loads they individually receive. The drive pulley features a fin design that lowers air resistance, and the follower pulley reduces pressure on the drive belt, cutting transmission losses.

The electronically controlled, brushless ACG starter is an integrated component mounted directly on the end of the crankshaft, serving as starter motor and alternator. It spins the engine directly, eliminating any noise from gear engagement or meshing.

Idling Stop automatically stops the engine running after three seconds at idle when the Forza is stationary, and the brakes applied and re-starts it instantly when the throttle grip is twisted. It’s seamless in use thanks to ACG and the swing-back system that returns the crank to its position before air intake, and a decompression mechanism that negates cranking resistance from compression. It has the functionality to ‘read’ the battery charge and turns itself off to avoid excessive drain. The battery is a long-life YTZ8V unit.

One of the original aims of the Forza 125 is that the trip to the fuel station should happen just once a week for the average user, and a near 500km tank range is possible thanks to the engine’s fuel efficiency of approximately 41.7km/l (WMTC mode) and 11.7litre tank.

An additional technology to boost rider confidence in wet conditions is the inclusion of Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), which works in the background to deftly manage rear wheel traction. A ‘T’ indicator flickers on the dash when HSTC is actively reducing wheelspin, and the system can be turned off completely.

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