The CBT – Compulsory Basic Training – is an introduction to motorcycling.
It is designed to provide you with the riding skills that you will need. Successfully complete your CBT and you are legal (legally entitled) to ride on the road.

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What To Bring



  • helmet which complies with BS 6658:1985. Your Honda Approved Training School will be able to provide you with this if you do not have one yet.
  • jacket which should ideally be warm, waterproof and provide good abrasion protection.
  • Good quality leather (or strong material) gloves. Ideally these should cover (extend above) the wrist.
  • A pair of sturdy boots which cover the ankles, and which provide good grip.
  • Tough jeans or trousers – no shorts or lightweight materials.


  • UK driving licence (at least provisional).
  • Glasses, if you need them for driving.


The day is split into five parts, including initial classroom training as well as riding practice on-site and a final assessed road ride.



After having checked your driving licence you take a quick eyesight check. Your instructor will then explain the course and give you some hints and tips about the clothing that you are best to wear when riding.



After being introduced to the controls of your motorcycle you will be given the time you need to get used to the weight and feel of the bike. In addition, the instructor will also run through some of the basic maintenance that you are advised to carry out regularly.



This is where the fun starts. You will get started learning all of the basic manoeuvres. Your will be guided through pulling away and braking, slow control, changing gear and all the necessary observations.



Before taking to the road you will be given a full road ride briefing. This will tell you what to expect from your road ride and what the minimum two hour session will include. When you are good and ready you will take to the road.



The road ride must last at least two hours and will take you on a route which will cover a range of different road types and conditions, all of which you will experience in your day-to-day riding. You will also be asked to complete a U-turn and an emergency stop during this part of the CBT.



When you finish your CBT you will be awarded a certificate of completion (DL196). Choose your age below to see what you can now ride:



Once you have your CBT, you need to pass a motorcycle theory test and practical test within two years, or your CBT will expire. There are different categories of licence available. You will take the same test for each, but on a different size of motorcycle. And the higher the level of licence category, (the wider the choice of motorcycles you will have and) the older that you need to be.

AM Licence


From 16 years of age, you can take an AM test. You will need to pass a theory test and the two part practical test. If you take your test on an automatic moped you will not be entitled to ride a geared version.


From 17 years old you can elect to take your A1 licence which will entitle you to ride a motorcycle or scooter up to 125cc. You will need to take your Theory test (unless you have a full AM licence) and the two part practical test. Again, if you take your test on an automatic model you cannot ride a geared bike.

A1 Licence
A2 Licence


At 19 years of age and older you can take your A2 licence which will give you access to a wider selection of motorcycles or scooters (up to 35kw power output). You will need to take your Theory test (unless you have a full AM or A1 licence) and the two part practical test. Again, if you take your test on an automatic model you cannot ride a geared bike.


If you have held your A2 licence for two years or more, you can upgrade to a full A licence. This entitles you to ride any motorcycle of your choice. This means that this licence could be available to you from 21 years of age. You will need to take your Theory test (unless you have a full A2 licence) and the two part practical test. Again, if you take your test on an automatic model you cannot ride a geared bike If you are 24 years or older you can take the ‘Direct Access’ route and go straight for your A licence. You will need to complete your CBT and you will need a theory test. You will then complete your two part practical test.

A Licence
A21 Licence


Or you can take it at 21 years old if you have held an A2 licence for two or more years.

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